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Hellenistic Greek
by Micheal Palmer

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: The Alphabet: Lower Case

Lesson 2: The Alphabet: Upper Case

Lesson 3: Diacritics

Lesson 4: Nouns: Second Declension

Lesson 5: Adjectives: Masculine and Neuter

Lesson 5b: Vocabulary and More Exercises for Lesson 5

Lesson 6: Adjectives: Feminine

Lesson 7: The Article: Feminine Forms

Lesson 8: Verbs

Lesson 9: Verbs: First Aorist

Lesson 10: Verbs: First Aorist of Compound Verbs

Lesson 11: Nouns: First Declension

Lesson 12: Verbs: Second Aorist

Lesson 13: Verbs: Imperfect Active Indicative

Lesson 14: Verbs: Infinitives

Lesson 15: Nouns: Third Declension

Lesson 16: Nouns: More Third Declension Nouns and the Verb εἰμί

Lesson 17: Verbs: Present

Lesson 18: Verbs: Future

Lesson 19: Verbs: Semantic Roles and Voice, The Aorist Passive

Lesson 20: Verbs: The Middle Voice, The Aorst Middle

Lesson 21: Verbs: More on the Aorist Middle and Passive

Lesson 22: Verbs: The Present Middle and Passive

Lesson 23: Verbs: The Imperfect Middle and Passive

Lesson 24: Verbs: The Future Middle and Passive

Lesson 25: Pronouns: αὐτός, αὐτή, αὐτό

Lesson 26: Pronouns: τίς, τί

Lesson 27: Pronouns for Direct Conversation (ἐγώ, σύ)

Lesson 28: Participles: εἰμί

Lesson 29: Participles: Aorist

Lesson 30: Participles: Present

Lesson 31: Aorist Active Imperative

Course Resources


A quick way to look up any word from the lessions that you need to review

Topical Index

A list of topics treated in this course with links to their treatments in the grammar


Read about what is going on with the application of Linguistics to the study of Greek.