Lesson 22 Vocabulary

Flash Card Set

Click the "Next" button to begin. Read the Greek word and try to think of an English word that has a similar meaning, then click the "Next" button again to see a suggestion. Repeat this procedure for each word in the vocabulary list for this lesson.

φαινω I shine, become visible; I appear (as), appear (to be)
φοβέω (φοβῶ) I fear (someone or something); I am afraid (of someone or something); I respect (someone), show reverence for (someone)
διαμερίζω I divide, separate (something); I distribute (something)
ἀναπαύω I cause to rest, give (someone) rest; I refresh, revive (someone); I rest, take my rest
εὐαγγελίζω I bring good news, announce good news
ἐκτίθημι I expose (something or someone); I abandon (a child), expose (a child) to the elements; I explain (something), expose the significance or meaning of something
οὐδείς, οὐδεμία, οὐδέν no one, nothing
δουλεύω I serve (someone) (as a slave)
προσκαλέομαι I summon (someone), call (someone) to myself
παραγίνομαι I come, arrive, am present; I appear, make a public appearance; I stand by (someone), come to the aid (of someone)
ἐκκόπτω I cut down (a tree); I exterminate, destroy (something)
δύναμαι I am able, I can (do something)
προέρχομαι I go before (someone); I lead (someone)
θέλω I want, wish, intend; I am willing (to)