Vocabulary Flash Cards (Lesson 17)

There are nineteen words in this set.

Click "Next" to begin. Look at the Greek word, then guess an English word that you think means roughly the same. Click "Next" again to see if your English word appears in the list of possible translations.

Click "Next" again to advance to the next Greek word.

Play as many times as you like until you are comfortable with your understanding of these words.

ἐπερωτάω (ἐπερωτῶ) I ask, inquire
θεωρέω (θεωρῶ) I see, observe, watch
πείθω I persuade, exhort, encourage; I believe, trust
αἴρω I lift up, take up; I remove, take away
βάλλω I throw
βαπτίζω I dip, immerse
βλέπω I see, look at, watch
γεννάω I give birth, become the father of, produce
γράφω I write, record, compose
διδάσκω I teach, instruct
δίδωμι I give
δοξάζω I praise, honor, glorify
ἴστημι I place, put, set; I stand, stop
καλέω I call, invite, address as, name
κρίνω I judge, prefer, consider, decide
λέγω I say, speak, tell
πέμπω I send, commission, appoint
πληρόω (πληρῶ) I fill, complete, finish, fulfill
τίθημι I put, place, lay down