Where should the accent go?

Look at the accent mark on the first word in each line, then look at the next form of that word at the end of the line. Where should the accent mark be placed on that new form? Make your own guess, then choose an answer from the pull-down menu. Can you explain the answer after you see it?

After choosing answers for all seven questions, click the "check" button to check your answers. Don't be timid! If an answer is incorrect, you will be given another chance. This is a learning game, not a test.

When you are satisfied with your work, click on the "Return to the Lesson" button at the top or bottom of the page.

ἀποστέλλω (I send) ἀπεστειλεν
ἀποστέλλω (I send) ἀποστελλουσιν
ἀποστέλλω (I send) ἀπεστειλαν with short α in the last syllable
περιβάλλω (I put on) περιεβαλετο
περιβάλλω (I put on) περιβαλῃ
προφητεύω (I prophesy) προφητευσεν
προφητεύω (I prophesy) προφητευουσα