What does the word mean?

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Read each word and guess an English word that you think means roughly the same. Then click "Next" to see if your guess matches the English word provided.

Play as many times as you like till you are comfortable with your ability to recognize the Greek words. Then click on the button at the top or bottom of the page to go back to the lesson.

σκορπιος scorpion
Δαυιδ David
με me
μεγα big, large [This is the origin of English words like megaphone and megalithic.]
Ρωμη Rome
Κορινθος Corinth
Κορινθιος Corinthian
Κορνηλιος Cornelius
Ἰωσηφ Joseph
Λευι Levi
Ἀμως Amos
Ἰακοβ Jacob
Ἰσαακ Isaac
Ἀβρααμ Abraham
Μαρια Maria (or Mary)
αποστολος apostle
λογος word (logos)
θεος God [This is the origin of the English word "theological".]